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Saturday, February 12, 2011


I'm always looking to see what is happening in the 2nd City.  One of my favorite ways is to check out what's happening at the intersection of Addison and Clark via's live webcam.  Its real time stream is a kick.  It overlooks Wrigley Field's main entrance and iconic marquee.  I can check the weather or traffic, and on game days it's fun to watch the Wrigley crowd.  Its sibling cam facing south on Clark Street overlooks the Wrigley bar scene.  During the Blizzard of 2011 I was checking out what the storm looked like, and I watched two guys beat the daylights out of one another in a free-for-all fistfight.  Kind of freaky and entertaining at the same time.  Does that make me a voyeur?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I've lived most of my life in Idaho, and I often find myself comparing and contrasting Idaho and Chicago.  The contrasts far outnumber the comparisons.  For example, Idaho has a population of approximately 1.5 million.  Chicago, on the other hand, has approximately 3 million residents.  One city has twice the population of an entire state!  To put it another way, Idaho's 83,000 square miles house half the population of Chicago's 227 square miles.  That equates to 15.6 people per square mile in Idaho and 12,750.5 people per square mile in Chicago.  Kind of freaky.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Riding the Ravenswood (Brown Line)

I love the L.  No Magic Kingdom attraction could be more exciting.  I'd write more, but I'm tired and I need to go to bed.  Here is a video shot on the L.  Originally posted by Chicagoan Dashiel Hermann on Vimeo, it's nothing more than footage of his commute on the Brown Line (it will always be the Ravenswood to me) set to classic Jazz.  It's beautiful.

Just A Little Pick-Me-Up: "A Chicago L Ride in the Morning" from Dashiel Hermann on Vimeo.

Monday, February 7, 2011


I live in Idaho, but my heart's in Chicago. I briefly lived in the City of Big Shoulders more than 20 years ago, and it captured my soul. I eat Chicago, breathe Chicago, and dream Chicago. I don't know why. For years I struggled with this obsession and tried to lose it without success. Today, I embraced it!

I've visited Chicago many times since leaving, but I've never moved back. The reasons are many and varied, and I anticipate discussing them in the future. It's unlikely that I will ever move back, but I can visit and I can dream. And, I can write about it. Indulge me.